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Two Excellent Education Articles #

Two excellent articles dealing with public education on a national level (hat tip to Mark Peterson for sleuthing them out):

  • “Texas’ 10% admission could teach colleges a thing or two,” USA Today. An interesting article about increasing the diversity in public universities without giving racial preference scores. The article doesn’t address it, but the suggestion also has the potential to increase economic diversity (just as important, in my mind), without the hassle and overhead of evaluating family income. Would something like this work for Utah?
  • “Lawless Policymaking,” The Quick and the Ed. The U.S. Dept of Education is going out on a limb, and away from the (universally despised) black letter requirements of NCLB. The changes are generally accepted as positive, but a) is it legal, and b) will states that don’t get to participate in (common sense) programs make a stink and spoil the party?
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    State Board of Education #

    Today is the final day to file for elected office.

    After some deliberation, I decided last year to not seek a second term on the Utah State Board of Education. (District 13) The decision was made for several reasons, and more recent events have only solidified my decision.

    A list of current candidates may be found at

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    Hire Tom! Hire Tom!