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State Board of Education Candidates Named for Election #

The press release from the governor’s office is below. I don’t have time for commentary at the moment, other than to say I’m given to understand the governor simply took the ranked order from the nominating committee as his selection. Sara Brate over at the Accountability blog complied a list of the committee’s votes.

Salt Lake City – Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has announced the Utah State Board of Education candidates as recommended by the State Board of Education Nominating and Recruiting Committee. The candidates’ names have been sent to the Lt. Governor’s office to be included on the November ballot [below].

“These men and women were chosen from an extremely well qualified group of individuals,” Governor Huntsman said. “I am confident that each of these candidates would serve as exceptional board members and I wish them the best in the upcoming election.”

The candidates who were selected are as follows:

District 1
Shelly Locke
Susie Campbell Ashilman

District 4
Dave Thomas
Chris L. Dallin

District 7
Randall A. Mackay
Leslie Brooks Castle

District 8
Janet Cannon
Trent Kaufman

District 11
Ted H. Heap
Dave Crandall

District 12
Mark Cluff
Carol A. Murphy

District 13
Kyle Bateman
C. Mark Openshaw

Filed Version of SB2 Lawsuit #

The suit suit filed contesting the constitutionality of Senate Bill 2 (2nd Substitute) has been in the news and come up in the bloghive. I haven’t seen anyone post a copy of the complaint—I happen to have one, so here it is.

The two constitutional sections at play are Article VI Section 22 and Article X Section 3.


The news media hasn’t listed all 37 38 of the complainants (the Trib reported there were 38 [UPDATE: The Trib called me on it—their count was correct, the paragraphs were numbered oddly]), which has allowed some defenders of the bill to claim this is a partisan action. Feel free to grab the complaint and read about each of them; I think you’ll find the complaint is a bipartisan effort.

The numbers below don’t add up to 37 38, as some people fall into multiple categories (e.g. Kim Burningham is both a current USBE member and a former Republican legislator).

  • 7 former Republican members of the Utah House of Representatives, including a former Speaker of the Utah House, and a former majority leader of the Utah House
  • 5 current members of the Utah House (4-D, 1-R)
  • 1 current and 1 former member the Utah Senate (both Democrats)
  • a former Chief Clerk of the House
  • 6 current and 2 former members of the State Board of Education
  • a former State Superintendent of Public Education
  • 7 current or former members (not including members of USBE) of the Utah School Boards Association, a group comprised of local school board members
  • 2 members of the PTA (a former president, and a former legislative vice-president)
  • 3 current or former members of the UEA former (including a former president)
  • a former member of Office of Legislative Research and General Council
  • 1 person listed as a “community advocate” for education issues
  • a former district superintendent and a former school administrator


Reader’s should note the following editorials which oppose the omnibus approach and support the suit:

The Herald also put out an editorial (2008-06-01, “Let Omnibus Roll Along”); they’re the only media outlet I’ve seen so far to oppose the suit. I found the editorial poorly written, ignoring facts (like the Utah constitution), and willfully exaggerating in an attempt to make the suit seem ridiculous.

The next closest thing to a media outlet defending the omnibus bill was yesterday’s point/counter-point in the Davis County Clipper

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